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Make this your time to sustain a robust, spiritual yoga and somatic movement practice. A space for you to create, move and rest.

Are you ready to move through your body, mind, soul and creativity?

you belong in the embodied creative


What you might be seeking:

Embrace your inner artist: play freely and soulfully with your creative life force. Experience the richness of creating in community

Connect with holistic yoga and somatic movement: while nurturing your relationship to spirituality.

Cultivate resilience and expand your window of tolerance: embody nervous system regulation techniques from traditional yoga and modern practices. Expand your ability to be consciously aware.

Develop heart-centered courage to pursue your art and passions: so you can dance with the creative forces of this world.

Discover how to gently work with procrastination and perfectionism: find your own flow even during inspirational “dry spells”.

Slow down and rest to keep your creative fires stoked and help prevent burnout.

answering the call of your creative self ignites passion, presence, courage and stillness in an inimitable way.

The embodied creative runs in 1, 6 and 12 month group containers to help you deepen your spiritual practice through creativity. 

In the coming months, through our weekly practices, we will delve into:

Mantra japa: sacred sounds to release blocks within which helps release the natural, abundant flow of your creativity.

Somatic movement: release tension, repattern old stories in the body and get in touch with your body’s wisdom.

Exploring your spiritual path: while we’ll be exploring traditional tantric principles, there is great freedom within this membership to carve your own path, take what fits and embody it deeply. 

Disconnected from our creativity, our spiritual essence and our rest, we often grapple with nervous system dysregulation and truly trusting our deep Self:

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This container helps to create space in your life and in that, explore the fabric of your essence. Learn to tune into your heart’s drum and carve out time for weekly expression.

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We can practice yoga, move and even meditate. But living somatically (in the body) off the mat is a different skill to learn and practice. It is how we can move away from feeling locked in the mind. 

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Yearning for yoga that traverses rather than tip toes around the spiritual essence of this ancient practice. All while navigating its teachings and its relevance to modern life.

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Feel removed from your pranic energy can lead to feelings of stuckness, anxiety or even numbness. 

We’ll explore somatic techniques that help your system find a new equilibrium to help you feel more connected and consciously aware in your life.

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You are a creative force, and you may have unfortunately come to doubt that truth.

Soul Studio invites you to create in community. Previous cohorts expressed finally being able to recognise, trust and flow with their innate artistic talents.

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Daily pressures, mental overload, and struggling to cope can make it difficult to manage life’s challenges.

Revitalise and renew your spirit with practices  rejuvenation and resilience. Creative practices help reconnect with your inner strength and find renewed energy.

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yoga + somatics mondays 7-8 pm (GMT) 

soul studio mondays 8-9 pm (GMT)

destress at dusk thursdays 8:30-9:30 pm (GMT)


All classes live + recorded.


A masterclass held by a creative spaceholder. 

Upcoming masterclass: Intuitive Art Workshop, by Mairéad O’Sullivan

Meet Rosie

A poet and yoga guide, I’ve found both these spiritual practices to walk hand in hand through my life bringing me exquisite insights, joy and meaning.

I’ve had the great fortune to study the art of mindful movement with soulful, established spiritual teachers. With the support and kindness of these mentors, I offer a calibre of yoga that encourages depth and access to Self, which so often becomes buried beneath layers of conditioning. 

In the Western world, it can be a struggle to yearn for a yoga class that goes beyond the parameters of exercise. To value a practice that nurtures not just the physical body, but allows for re-centering of your whole Self. My students often remark leaving our sessions feeling lighter, calmer, more at ease, and joyful. What a wonder to be involved in that process!

My approach is invitational and encouraging, warm and compassionate. I draw richly from the Celtic world as well as an East meets West approach.

But, I’m not a real artist…

You’re an artist if you:

⦿  haven’t created in years

⦿  have it as a hobby

⦿  create for a living

⦿ are in the depths of a creative block

⦿ play with “traditional art” (writing, painting, crafts, music) or something “out there”

⦿  are swimming with creative ideas but can’t seem to focus on one process and see it through to its completion

⦿  don’t know what medium you’d like to pursue yet

⦿  are human


Your Membership Options

Begins 1st September, 1st payment taken immediately


Begins 1st September


Begin, Pause, Cancel anytime

Works out €12 per session

(+ meditations, journalling prompts, creativity prompts, seasonal workshops + more)


1st Sept – 28th Feb

€114 pm.

Works out €9.5 per session


(+ meditations, journalling prompts, creativity prompts, seasonal workshops + more)


1st Sept 24-30th August 25

€99 pm.

Works out €8.25 per session

(+ meditations, journalling prompts, creativity prompts, seasonal workshops + more)


For the first 10 members

(who enrol into either the 6 month or 12 month option)

⦿ 1:1 weekly Friday check-ins via whatsapp

⦿ Early notice and access to book the Embodied Creative Retreat

⦿ Access to the meditation library

For the first 20 members

(who enrol into any option)

⦿ Early notice and access to book the Embodied Creative Retreat

⦿ Access to the meditation library



While there is a flow and intentional sequence to the class, there is no expectation to attend every class. Be conscious and kind as to where you’re at each week. All classes are All practices live + recorded unless community sharing takes place, in which case they will be partially recorded.

yoga + somatics · mondays 7-8 pm GMT

soul studio · mondays 8-9pm GMT

destress at dusk · thursdays 8:30-9:30 pm GMT

We have a private community forum which you have access to in September. There is always sharing space at the soul studio to explore what arises in our collective creative space. There will be an Embodied Creative retreat, just for those in the container, details will be announced soon.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in that won’t restrict your range of motion.

A yoga mat will provide some cushioning and provide grip.

Two blocks

A bolster is highly recommended for our destress at dusk sessions (a couple of pillows can work as a substitute).

The Embodied Creative isn’t suitable for pregnancy.

This is a space specifically for those seeking to explore their creative and spiritual selves. We explore yoga beyond postures, value the power of rest, and settle into the wonders a creative kula. A kula is a community rooted in inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through practice. 


Explanation of our membership terms

Your access to The Embodied Creative is a membership, so when you subscribe to receive access to the creative portal you have two options.


A rolling subscription of €144 which you can begin, pause and cancel anytime.

Or a fixed term of your choosing – either 6 or 12 months. By signing up, you agree that you will pay us our full fees for that fixed term, which can be paid monthly or upfront. Let’s say you commit to a fixed term of 12 months and decide to pay monthly – you commit to paying us 12 months’ fees and you stagger the payments, so we will collect the fees on the same day each month. If signing up for this option the payment must be honoured until the end of the term, should you wish to pay monthly.

We hope this helps, but please do reach out if you have any questions!


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