Active birth Workshop

Sunday 3rd dec, 10am-4pm

Empowerment and education for a positive birth experience.

What to expect?

Every person experiences pregnancy, birth and parenting in a unique way. This is a time is full of joy and change. 

We offer an interactive workshop with information about the physiology of labour, birth and early parenthood. Receive current, scientific and practical knowledge, inviting you to take an active role in what is one of your greatest life transitions.

Learn about the role hormones and the microbiome, play in the physiology of labour, birth and breastfeeding.

Explore the wonder of how your body works in harmony with your baby and how using upright positions, movement and breath aid your baby’s birth.

In this workshop, we share how normal birth happens, increasing this possibility for your own birth and how you can adapt this understanding to any necessary pain relief and medical intervention, when required.

We share skills and confidence to help you to explore your individual preferences, advocacy, consent and informed decisions, including when there is deviation from the normal processes for you and/or your baby.

Discover the influence environment plays in mind-body connection, with an awareness to a host of changeable and new feelings, including physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic ups and downs.

This workshop is suitable from 20 weeks onwards.

What's included?

Your workshop hosts

I am a Midwife of many years, having recently returned to Ireland.
I have had the privilege to continuously learn from colleagues, women and families throughout my career; leading new services while implementing Active Birth practices and Waterbirth, in a number of new facilities for Women and Children, in different cultural settings.

I have a special interest in and I have set up services in
Fertility and Reproductive Health Care, offering individual counselling and support.

I share a strong belief in the biopsychosocial model of care and that knowledge closes the door to fear, leading to healthy, positive, life enhancing events.

With increasing medicalisation of pregnancy and childbirth, “too little too late, too much too soon”, I believe women need to take back their autonomy, through
education, understanding of normal birth, the influence of environment, mind-body connection, and when necessary, allow for required medical intervention.

Understanding, skilled professional attendance and mindful watching, respects each individual and in the long-term will lead to a healthier future for all.

Noreen Healy


I am a qualified prenatal, postnatal and fertility yoga teacher. 

I’ve been sharing prenatal yoga since 2020 and have supported women through pregnancy, and into motherhood. I am a passionate educator of practices that empower women to change the script — to enhance their likelihood of a strong, beautiful, mindful pregnancy. I also take great joy in passing on the knowledge on how yogic practices can help women work with their hormones for a positive birth experience. 

As a professional who cares for women both in pregnancy and into postpartum, I see the impact of having really sound knowledge, practices, and support going into birth. A line from Midwife Ashley Booth Young really stands out as a guiding light in my work:

“Although the popularly desired outcome is ‘healthy mother, healthy baby,’ I think there is room in that equation for ‘happy, non-traumatized, empowered and elated mother and baby.”



Investment: €140

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Suitable from 20 weeks

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