Our Story

The Yoga Nook is more than a yoga studio. It’s a rich rural community space, a centre for holistic treatments and education, a retreat oasis and much more. I’m getting ahead of myself though.
Here’s the story of how The Yoga Nook began.

In April 2020, I ordered the geodesic dome and two months later, The Yoga Nook home arrived in a pair of pallets outside the front gate. And with exactly 0 hours experience in building anything other than a drawer in TY woodwork, we began grafting!

Support from local friends and neighbours was incredible. Smack bang in the middle of the pandemic, people came with smiles and willing hands to help create this space.

This is why I always say community is built into the very fibres of The Nook, and those beginnings of belonging have only grown. I see how poeple in this space really look after each other.

“Rosie brings such a beautiful sense of peace and warmth to her classes that oozes out to create a beautiful energy within the incredible dome, immersed in the beautiful fields and nature it’s the perfect place to escape the busyness of our modern world to bring you closer to the ancient and natural ways.”

~ Diane

“I entered into the practice of yoga as a hopeful tonic to deep suffering. As a teenager, anxiety was high, and self-esteem low. Fast forward to 2019, after years of daily practice and a newly acquired 200hr training, I began sharing my modest yogic knowledge, alongside an unrefined, natural ability to open authenticity within a space. 

From there, I’ve been following my curiosity into holistic centres of excellence. I’ve had the great fortune to study the art of mindful movement with Jude Mills and Richard Harding (who I am ever grateful to), Sally Parkes, Michelle Young, Henika Patel, Naomi Rudge, and Ram Jain. With the support and kindness of these mentors and teachers, I offer a calibre of yoga that encourages depth and access to Self, which so often becomes buried beneath layers of conditioning. 

I’m often asked the style of yoga I teach and that to that my answer is “yoga”. I’ve studied Vinyasa, Traditional Tantra, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Intuitive, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra alongside Yoga for those Living with Cancer, Prenatal, Postnatal, Fertility and Children’s yoga. It’s in the distillation of these teachings that I get to share an integrative, holistic approach to yoga. My deep love and connection to ancient Celtic wisdom also informs both my own practice and what I share with the world.

This year I am casting my curiosity net further still and undergoing a trauma-informed integrative somatic therapy training

In the Western world, it can be a struggle to yearn for a yoga class that goes beyond the parameters of exercise. To value a practice that nurtures not just the physical body, but allows for re-centering of your whole Self. My students, in the dome and online, often remark leaving class feeling lighter, calmer, more at ease, and joyful. What a wonder to be involved in that process!”

Beginners Yoga

  • The only class not suitable for beginners is Dynamic Flow
  • Build a practice to increase mobility, space and strength in the body
  • Look after your mental and emotional wellbeing with breathwork and meditation
  • Reduce stress and feel calmer

Pregnancy Yoga Yoga

  • A weekly ritual to nourish yourself deeply
  • Mindful movement alongside specialised breathing techniques for a positive birthing experience
  • Build strength, flexibility, and inner calm
  • Help relieve aches and tension
  • All the while fostering a deep bond with your little one

Parent + Baby (mum + Baby) Yoga

  • Connect with a lovely community of parents in a supportive setting
  • Gently increase strength and flexibility
  • Experience calm and relaxation
  • Release tension and rehab with postpartum-friendly exercises.
  • Tea, homemade plant-based treats, and chats.

 Toddler Yoga

  • Connect with a lovely community of parents in a supportive setting
  • Increase strength and flexibility while little ones play
  • Social setting that’s enjoyable for both parent and toddler
  • Suitable for crawling babies -> 4 yrs
  • Tea, homemade plant-based treats, and chats.

Restorative Yoga

  • Destress at Dusk offers deep, deep rest and nourishment while fostering nervous system equilibrium
  • Reconceptualise human experiences through music and poetry
  • Release stress with soothing, effective holistic practices
  • A blend of yin, restorative, somatics, and Celtic wisdom


  • Discover stress relief, improved mobility and community
  • Movement, breath, and mindfulness to harbour presence and create space in the mind and body
  • Suitable for beginners and non-beginners
  • Practices to reduce stress and release tension

Dynamic Yoga

  • Movement and mindfulness to build strength, flexibility, and focus
  • Dynamic flows and “playtime” to try out new poses
  • Intuitive movement for Self connection, proprioception, mobility and balance
  • Suitable for those looking for a more heated flow (but never skipping on savasana!).

ONline Yoga

  • Yoga online immersions for a deep dive into home practice
  • Robust support with 1:1 Friday check-ins
  • Includes meditations, yoga flow and restorative sessions
  • Introspective lens to get to know your deep Self more intimately
  • Weaves yoga, journalling, Celtic wisdom, circle ceremony + more 


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