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Welcome to The Yoga Nook’s Pregnancy Yoga sessions right here in Cork. If you’re on the lookout for a cosy, welcoming spot to unwind, connect with your little one, build mobility, release tension and prepare for a positive birth experience, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!

What are the benefits about Pregnancy Yoga at The Yoga Nook?

At The Yoga Nook, we believe in providing more than just a yoga class—we offer a holistic approach to pregnancy wellness that encompasses preparation for birth, strength to support your growing little one, and a nurturing space to unwind and process the journey of pregnancy, with all its ups and downs.

Preparation for Birth


Our Pregnancy Yoga classes in Cork are designed to prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for the transformative experience of childbirth. Through specialised techniques and exercises, you’ll learn how to manage pain and discomfort during labor, enhance pelvic floor health, and cultivate a positive mindset for the birthing process. We empower you to approach birth with confidence, strength, and trust in your body’s innate wisdom.

Strength to Support Your Growing Little One


Pregnancy is a time of incredible growth and change, both for you and your baby. Our classes focus on building strength and stability in your body to support the unique demands of pregnancy and childbirth.

Gentle yet effective exercises help strengthen key muscle groups, improve posture, and promote overall vitality, ensuring you feel strong, resilient, and ready to embrace the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Poetry and Music to Unwind


Poetry and music can help to process the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. To allow yourself time and space to feel into these transition in your life.

A Safe and Supportive Community


Our intimate class sizes foster a sense of connection, allowing you to share experiences, offer support, and receive guidance from a certified and experienced pre and post natal yoga teacher. Whether you’re a first-time mother or welcoming another addition to your family, you’ll find a welcoming space to connect, release and flow.



Pregnancy is a profound and sacred journey, filled with moments of joy, wonder, and transformation. Our classes provide a weekly setting where you can honour the miracle of pregnancy, connect with your baby, and nurture yourself in body, mind, and spirit. With our guidance and support, you’ll cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, resilience, and empowerment that will serve you not only during pregnancy but into motherhood.

“I was blown away by the amount of knowledge Rosie has on pregnancy and the birthing process. I was so glad I took part in the group ahead of delivering my first baby. Rosie is so kind and giving, the space is outstanding and she even played her own music as an extra treat! I would highly recommend!

~ Aileen

The 8 Pillars of The Yoga Nook Pregnancy Yoga



A sanctuary for relaxation and stress reduction, offering a much-needed respite from the busyness of daily life. Guided breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques help calm the nervous system.


Strength + Resilience

Strengthen key muscle groups essential for labor and childbirth, enhancing your overall endurance and resilience. Sessions accommodate your changing needs, ensuring that you continue to build strength and stamina safely and effectively.


Hormones in labour

Learn how to work with your hormones for a more efficient and instinctual birth. Relaxation and meditation techniques will encourage this physiological response.



Reduce fear and the experience of pain. Building a breathwork practice gives you tools to move through labour with more ease by moving into an altered state of consciousness. Other breathing patterns help you birth your baby more safely and with reduced tearing.



Sharing experiences, challenges, and joys with fellow mums-to-be creates a sense of connection and understanding, fostering friendships that can extend beyond the yoga studio. The sense of solidarity with other pregnant women can be incredibly comforting and reassuring.


Pelvic Floor awareness 

Enhance your body’s ability to support the weight of your growing baby and prepare for the demands of labor and delivery. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles also promotes faster healing and recovery post-birth, reducing the risk of complications and promoting long-term pelvic health.



The mind isn’t the enemy in labour! In fact, we can use its ability to focus for sustained periods to assist in the progress of labour. Hypnobirthing also prepares your being in the weeks leading up to birth.


Active + upright
birthing positions

Explore the positions most beneficial during the first and second stages of labour. These positions promote a positive and empowering birthing experience, aligning with the principles of active birthing to honour the innate strength and wisdom of the female body.


Our next term starts September ’24. If you’re looking for pre-natal sessions before then, I can offer private 1:1s. For this, email me at:

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