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Starts 29th april

Embark on a 6 week journey that weaves together the essence of creativity with holistic well-being. In a world that demands constant output, it’s easy to lose touch with the wellspring of creativity that resides within. In a world that demands constant output, it’s easy to lose touch with the wellspring of creativity that resides within. Cruthú, the Irish for “to create” is a 6-week immersive experience designed to nurture your creative spirit and fill your life with vitality and wonder.

For this immersion, it is recommend that you distil your energy on one creative project.

What does Cruthú look like?

Cruthú encompasses the spaceholding, support, encourage and holistic practices to BE your artistic Self.
This means commitment on both ends! We’ll enter into the depths of creativity over the next 6 weeks, and allow practices such of yoga, meditation and that of Celtic Wisdom to support these processes and allow you to channel your pure, authentic self through your art. 

During This Immersion…

Participants will enjoy a rich tapestry of experiences designed to rekindle their creative flame:

⤞ Twice Weekly Yoga/Intuitive Movement Practices

⤞ Meditation Library

⤞ Intuitive Art Workshop

⤞ Weekly Cruthú Soul Studio

⤞ 1:1 Creative Support


Intuitive Art Workshop

Facilitate a deeper connection to your inner artist.

This 3-hour guided workshop is a core element of Cruthú, led by Mairéad O’ Sullivan, psychotherapist and intuitive art spaceholder.

Grounding and intuitive movement introduce this immersive session followed by transitioning into intuitive, authentic expression through paint.

You don’t need any painting experience for this experience. A supplies list will be included (you’d be surprised with how little you need!).

Saturday, 18th May, 5:30-8:30 pm (Irish Standard Time — not recorded)

But, I’m not a real artist…

You’re an artist if you:

… haven’t created in years

… have it as a hobby

… create for a living

… are in the depths of a creative block

… play with “traditional art” (writing, painting, crafts, music) or something “out there”

… are swimming with creative ideas but can’t seem to focus on one process and see if through to its completion

… you don’t know what medium you’d like to pursue yet

… are human

“Rosie’s authentic, soulful spaceholding helped me shine and press through fears in me.”

~ Anne

What does Cruthú look like?

✓ Embrace your inner artist and play freely with your creative life force.

✓ Develop the mindset and courage to pursue your art and passions.

✓ Discover how to gently work with procrastination and perfectionism, finding flow even during inspiration “dry spells”.

✓ Navigate beyond jealousy, imposter syndrome, and unhealthy comparisons.

✓ Learn self-care techniques to sustain and augment your creativity.

✓ Slow down and rest to keep your creative fires stoked and help prevent burnout.

Weekly offerings (live + recorded)

All classes are Irish standard time

Flow + Play

Monday 7:30-8:30 pm

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Explore your body, breath and spirit with playful curiosity. Be guided by your intuition, the soothing cadence of your breath, and your self expression to find your inner grace and wisdom. This class blends dynamic sequences with space for introspection.

soul studio

Monday 8:30-9:30 pm


Soul Studio opens with grounding and check-in, welcoming you into a space of calm readiness. What follows is a period of personal creation within a warm, online communal setting, allowing for independent artistic exploration (partially recorded only to respect privacy).

destress at dusk

Thursdays 8:30-9:30 pm


A signature class at The Yoga Nook settling you into your own nature. 

Explore, unravel, and feel whole. 

These sessions blend restorative yoga and yin to hold space for deep inner work. Release tension, work with the body’s energetics and breathe into your emotional world. Music, poetry and gentle guidance help you sink even further into relaxation.

About your host Rosie

A poet and yoga teacher, I’ve found both these spiritual practices to walk hand in hand through my life bringing me exquisite insights, joy and meaning.

I’ve had the great fortune to study the art of mindful movement with Jude Mills and Richard Harding (who I am ever grateful to), Sally Parkes, Michelle Young, Henika Patel, Naomi Rudge, and Ram Jain. With the support and kindness of these mentors and teachers, I offer a calibre of yoga that encourages depth and access to Self, which so often becomes buried beneath layers of conditioning. 

In the Western world, it can be a struggle to yearn for a yoga class that goes beyond the parameters of exercise. To value a practice that nurtures not just the physical body, but allows for re-centering of your whole Self. My students often remark leaving our sessions feeling lighter, calmer, more at ease, and joyful. What a wonder to be involved in that process!

My approach is invitational and encouraging, warm and compassionate. I draw richly from the Celtic world as well as an East meets West approach.

Cruthú Meditation library

In this library, you have access to meditations and visualisations that are really simple to weave into your week.

Each recording has been crafted with care so that whether you’re seeking a meditation to connect in with your creative essence, send you off to sleep, or awaken into your day with calm clarity — this is going to be a beautiful addition to your creative journey.

What you’ll receive + value

⤞ 3 hour intuitive art workshop: €60

⤞ 2 weekly yoga/ intuitive movement sessions for 6 weeks: €168

⤞ Weekly Cruthú Soul Studio: €90

⤞ 1:1 Support: €120

⤞ Cruthú Meditation Library: €49

⤞ Journalling and creative toolkit: €59

Total Worth: €546

your investment


Immersion starts Monday 29th April

This immersion is non-refundable, or exchangeable.
Payment plans available — for this, or any questions at all dear ones, please email me. 🙂


This practice is suitable for those who already have experience with meditation and yoga. This gives us the opportunity to travel deeper — spiritually, mentally, soulfully, and physically.

I believe in simplicity when offering you an online yoga course. For Cruthú, you will get a welcome email two days before the course starts including everything you need to get started with us.

If you’re practicing yoga at home you can get started right away without any special equipment. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in that won’t restrict your range of motion. A yoga mat will provide some cushioning and provide grip. Two blocks are also heplful, as well as a bolster (or a couple of pillows will work instead).


Cruthú isn’t suitable during pregnancy.

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