Healing Morning in the Woods

Forest Flow, Sound Bath, and Brekkie 

sunday, 23rd july

8 – 10:30  am

Join us for a morning of accessing your inner wisdom. Settle into the earth’s rhythm with a grounding flow by Rosie, followed by a healing sound bath by Naoise. Experience all of this at Warrenscourt Woods — a beautiful setting for deep connection.

After this, we’ll enjoy a homemade vegan picnic breakfast. This is going to be a zero waste event, so be sure to bring your own lunch box, cutlery and cup! We’ll do the rest 🙂

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches
every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard
not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.’’

– Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

what is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is highly effective as it can bring our brain activity to a minimum in a very short period of time through a natural altered state of consciousness.

Vibrational frequencies affect our physical and subtle bodies – high vibrational sound raises your vibration, purifies your energy and aids in healing the body through the clarifying, balancing and energising of the energy centres.

Above all, sound connects us to our source, & to our centre.

your hosts for the event

Rosie is a yoga teacher and writer with a deep connection to her Celtic roots. Her yoga style is true to traditional tantra yoga with a grounding in the seasons and the natural world. She shares the ancient practices simply so her students can draw from their own wisdom learnings.

With a foot in both the holistic and creative worlds, she draws from both to reawaken wonder with soft and explorative practices.
In her work, Rosie is inspired to give the space for people to experience all of the wonder, joy and fulfilment that comes from connecting with their internal world.

Naoise is a Lover, Multi passionate Woman and Mother – practising as a Holistic Therapist and Trauma Sensitive Space Holder.

Naoise co- creates with plants, the elements and the natural world – supporting our lost connection with the Earth, our sacred waters, our oceanic inner space and innate internal wisdom.

The core of Naoise’s compassionate approach is holding space for men & women to feel deeply nourished and supported in their lives through the re-emergence of Ceremony, Community & Connection – allowing access to more peace, simplicity and pleasure.

“I believe that PLAY is an intrinsic part of our healing – dancing, adorning, creating, loving.”

the morning

8 am forest flow + mantra

9 am sound bath

10 am vegan breakfast

what to bring?

A mat

2 blankets

A cushion

Lunch box and cutlery

exchange: €39

sunday, 23rd july, 8 – 11am

This event is nonrefundable or exchangable. If there’s rain forecasted, we’ll host the event in the dome (P12 A324).

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