Mindful Gardening Workshops


These three workshops are aimed at combining practical experiential gardening with a mindfulness approach.
A ‘how to’ in combination with ‘being’, mirroring and using nature as a mentor.
After this course, you will be able to intuitively combine the rhythms of the seasons with growing your produce in your own environment.

Meet your gardening guide!

My name is Anne I am a speckle of beingness on this earth which I try to fill to my heart’s content. I was born in Germany and have lived here in Ireland since 2000

I adore nature, animals, people and growth. Im equipped with a QQI level 5 in Organic Horticulture and an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching besides Level 1 in Animal Communication, a Certificate in Pranic Healing.
 I also have a Diploma in Montessori Teaching and worked as photographer for many years and have currently a full time job in non of the areas mentioned above. At present I am training in the field of ecotherapy. Confused yet? Yeah me too! 😄😂
Let’s go gardening! 🌿



Themes covered:

* Harvesting

* Seed Saving

* Cuttings – Propagation 

* Overwintering Crops



17th September

Times for all workshops: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Exchange: €39