1:1 Online Fertility Yoga 

Caring, empowering yoga guidance to support you on the road to fertility

is fertility yoga for you?

Fertility yoga is for those anywhere on their journey to conception and building a family.

Balance hormones, reduce stress, change the energetic flow and calm their nervous system.

Process the sometimes overwhelming shifts of mood, attitude and perceptions that can be part of trying to get pregnant or create a family. 

Helpful for those trying to get pregnant for a while.  Through our sessions together, we will work to help you find balance and calm. 

Accompanies fertility treatment. I am trained and work with women who are trying to conceive naturally or are undergoing or about to undergo ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology e.g IVF, IUI).

how fertility yoga actually works

Yoga practices and guided visualisations specifically tailored to where you are in your journey and cycle.

  • Practices to help regulate the menstrual cycle and assist in the creation of healthy eggs and conception.
  • Develop a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself during the journey to conception.
  • If you’re taking fertility drugs, we can spend time in the practice to reduce side effects.
  • Supportive and restorative yoga during the two-week wait. 
  • We also delve into the physiology of stress and yoga techniques to help self-regulate.
  • REST — each session ends with deep relaxation. TTC is often mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting.

what fertility yoga doesn’t promise

I believe this is an important element to address. Yoga is a wonderful and beautiful ancient practice. However, it doesn’t garauntee pregnancy.

Instead, it seeks to alleviate symptoms that can inhibit conception namely reducing stress and balancing hormones. (Here is a study outlining yoga therapy’s role in fertility and another on the impact of a yoga on anxiety in infertility patients).

about the sessions

All sessions take place on Zoom and are 60 minutes (the first session may be slightly longer).

Investment: €60 per session.

Book 6 sessions for €300

You can book your session today below.

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