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Week 8: Home's Harbour

*New Voyage Hibernia starts 6th November*

Live Classes

Classes are in Irish Standard time — You Can use this time zone converter to find your time.

Vibrant spirit flow Yoga

Monday 7-8 pm

Invigorate your body and uplift your soul after a day’s journey. As the sun sets and the world quietens replenish your energy and cultivate a radiant spirit. Guided by the soothing cadence of your breath, this class blends dynamic sequences with moments of introspection, creating a seamless flow that connects body, mind, and spirit.

Golden dawn

Wednesday 6:15-7 am

Welcome this beautiful movement meditation ritual to your morning. As the sun paints the world in hues of gold, immerse yourself in this revitalizing session. Through fluid sequences, you’ll awaken your body and mind, setting a harmonious tone for the day ahead. 

Destress At Dusk

Thursday 8-9 pm

Settle into your own nature — explore, unravel, and feel whole. These sessions blend restorative yoga and yin to hold space for deep inner work. Release tension, work with the body’s energetics and breathe into your emotional world. Music, poetry and gentle guidance help you sink even further into relaxation.


These links will work as soon as recordings are available. It will normally take 12 hours for a live class to pop up here.

Vibrant Spirit Flow

Golden Dawn

Destress At Dusk

Spotify PLaylists

Classes won’t contain music unless it’s live. Some of you will find more value in silence, some have your own favourite playlists and on Zoom the balance between hearing what I’m saying and whatever song is playing can be hard to achieve!

So, here are some playlists you can play during practice. If you’re on desktop, you likely won’t run into trouble with Zoom audio and Spotify playing simultaneously. With a phone or tablet, it’s better if you can, to have 1 device running Zoom and another playing your music. 🙂

Vibrant Spirit Flow

Golden Dawn

Destress at Dusk

the Art of Mindful Journalling & Celtic connection: Week 7

“Eventually, we all make it home, and we each make an individual path by any means.”

― Joy Harjo, Catching the Light

Welcome to week 8 — our final week! 

Here are the final few journal prompts to drop anchor at the end of our Voyage.
  1. Endings
    How do you typically react to endings? Are you more inclined to embrace them or resist them? Why?
  2. Self-acknowledgement
    What kindness and acknowledgement can you shine inwards this week after 2 months of devoting time to your practice?
  3. Your treasures from the journey
    What are your richest learnings and realisations from the past 8 weeks?
  4. Every ending is a new beginning
    How can you use what has emerged from this immersion to shine a light on what you’d like to explore next?e

Foinse Meditation Course



Golden Light


Grounding: 15 minutes


Renewal: Journey to Badb


Celtic Ancestral Journey


9 Magic Breaths


1:1 Support with Rosie

My Whatsapp is 00353 85 214 9895

This part of the immersion is an “opt in”, so I’ll let you choose which option feels best for you:

  1. Message Accountability, this is for those of you who are looking for support to keep your self-care a priority over the next 8 weeks. This will be a gentle check-in every Friday to explore how the week has gone for you and to prepare for the week ahead.
  2. Message Compassion for a warm-hearted check-in. If you’re looking for kind, caring support during this immersion, or you want to share your wins or realisations or anything in between with me!
  3. Send me a message outlining what you would most like to get out of your Friday check-in with me.
  4. Some of you may prefer not to interact with this part of the course — and that’s no problem at all!
  5. Finally, if you have questions about props, yoga poses etc. Message me any work day!˘

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